Rich in rhythm and robust in song, Mother Africa's Acrobats, Musicians and Dancers light up the stage in a powerful performance of stunning African artistry.

Theatre Mania – New York


This entertainment extravaganza combines the talents from nine African countries to provide the wonder, suspense and joy of Cirque Mother Africa.

Cirque Mother Africa – The Heartbeat of Africa pulsates throughout the jaw-dropping show as the musicians and artistes articulate their passion and love for their homeland including Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Benin, Zimbabwe, and Guinea.

The show seen by more than two million people worldwide is a delight for the senses with items spun through the air, bodies contorted into mind-boggling shapes, astonishing acrobatics and performers balance on other performers, percussionists beat up a storm of sound and traditional dancers tell their own stories.

Masks, drums, beads, and amazing costumes and sets all bring forth the feel of authentic African traditions. Cirque Mother Africa is not just a traditional African show. It also has a take on the modern, fresh and dynamic culture of the new Africa.

This is a fresh and fantastic show that evokes passion and demands a response. Audiences are encouraged, prodded and charmed to actively respond rather than to simply watch a breath-taking spectacle.